Hi - I'm Anmol, and I design, develop, market, and manage digital products that solve problems.

17th Avenue.

I work with a popular US based design studio as an interdisciplinary designer, and freelance from time to time. Result:

UI/UX Design for Intry, SeamlessChex, JackHop, inPark, BetterButter, Flip, Wawwe, StayEasy
Visual Design for Castup, Intry, SeamlessChex, Recruiterly
Graphic Design for Intry, SeamlessChex, CryptoClerks
Logo Design for Botzilla, Lovely Bikes, Secret Client, Stealth Startup

17th Avedsgn.

I'm CS Grad who freelances as a developer from time to time. Some projects I helped make:

Castup, Nomad Stay, Intry, SeamlessChex, YAC, VRooms, CryptoClerks, Botzilla, Lovely Bikes, and a couple of side-projects.

17th Avedvlp.